Digital Enablement

Agile software engineering, systems integration skills, and robust user experience design form the basis of human needs–centered software applications relevant to the legal profession and its client base.

Code needs to meet the legal and compliance requirements it was built for. Apart from applying best-in-class agile development practices, we have introduced our unique Content vs. Code Check® methodology to be better safe than sorry.

When lawyers and technologists share one language

Our implementation methodology bridges the “language gap” between lawyers and technologists, assisting the joint drafting and implementation of legal and compliance workflows.

Are you a Legal & Compliance team looking for:


Agile and client-centric development

State-of-the art development frameworks and designs

Design driven by deep legal and compliance process expertise

Pragmatic and hands-on rollout methodology

Law meets Low Code

We believe in low code applications which allows to abstract and automate every step of the application lifecycle to streamline delivery of a variety of solutions. Our approach addresses all three layers: visualisation, visual programming and programming.

By breaking down traditional silos of Legal and IT (and promoting continuous collaboration), we assist our clients to develop solutions that meet the needs of their business.

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