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Legal Project Management

Does your legal department or law firm “apply project management practices and principles to enhance the delivery of legal services”, as per the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) definition?

Areas for analysis and review of your LPM framework include governance and internal controls, organisational capabilities, communication, external counsel relations processes (incl. forms), metrics, and technology.

At the forefront of LPM developments and trends

We are actively involved in the International Institute of Legal Project Management as an accredited training provider with certified trainers in our team and a seat on the IILPM’s Global Advisory Council. We stay abreast with latest trends and approaches in LPM and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

The International Institute of Legal Project Management represents an award-winning worldwide community of legal professionals with graduates in 45 countries that are focused on the practical application of legal project management and legal process improvement practices to improve legal matter delivery and legal service operations. The Institute has universities in five countries offering education to help their students achieve global certifications, and a network of Accredited Training Providers in 12 countries offering face-to-face education.

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Accredited and senior LPM trainers and consultants

New level of efficiency in managing your legal practice

Fresh thinking and consideration of latest trends

Hands-on philosophy

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