Legal Service Portfolio Management

Transforming Legal & Compliance operations is about matching legal services and business risks in a volatile environment. What is the role of Legal & Compliance in your organisation and how does the desired state of your operating model look like, from the strategy perspective to the actual legal service delivery process?

Our structured method will guide you on your path forward, assisting you wherever you are.

Your road forward

Matching the supply and demand side will result in a prioritised roadmap indicating implementation priorities and thus, allowing to develop, maintain, and subsequently retire legal services over time.

Legal design-based workshops supplemented by illustrative digital legal workflows for reflection and rapid prototyping expedite the analysis and design process of your service portfolios, and – last but not least – seamlessly lead to the implementation phase.

Are you a Legal & Compliance team looking for:


Client-driven consulting approach

Deep expertise in legal and compliance service portfolios

Holistic perspective by mixed teams of lawyers, consultants and technologists

Proven ability to bridge the gap between conceptualisation and implementation

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We are happy to assist you on your legal transformation journey.


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