Real-time, tailored processing of your legal & compliance work

Do you feel that most legal advice requests from your clients and business colleagues reach you in a chaotic way?

Do you lack time to properly deal with the high priority work due to being overwhelmed with low-risk, high volume enquiries?

Do you occasionally think that your time could be freed up by dealing with these low-risk tasks differently?


Your practice: organised in an efficient, transparent and user-centric way

This is made possible by efficiently redefining your existing routines into digital workflows, all on a highly flexible technology platform with no longer than six weeks of implementation time per process.

End-to end approach, tailored to your needs

We leverage our very own, highly adaptable and responsive open source platform Workflows to implement ANY legal, compliance or regulatory process you might need. We rely on our process know how, own methodology, design thinking and legal expertise in order to meet you where you are and assist you in your digital transformation journey.



High flexibility and fully tailored processes


No “all or nothing”: you decide how much or how little you automate


Design driven by deep legal & compliance process expertise


Agile and client-centric development


Pragmatic and hands-on methodology

Use Cases

We help automate these processes, and many more

From general legal & compliance matters to custom, industry-specific processes: our unique methodology and open source platform allow us to implement any type of use cases, fully adapted to your company size and sector.

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