Making your legal, compliance and risk work flow

We enable ServiceNow® to empower Legal, Compliance (incl. Data Privacy) and Risk teams who are under increasing pressure to meet the “more for less” imperative while demands for service delivery innovation and agility are continuously growing.

Where are you with your planning efforts? 71% of the respondents to Thomson Reuters Institute’s “2022 Legal Department Operations Index” stated “using technology to simplify workflow and manual processes” as a high priority.


Legal & Compliance Service Delivery

Combining our expertise in Legal and Compliance processes with ServiceNow®’s Legal Service Delivery solution offers a unique approach to modernise Legal and Compliance operations.

Intake, matter management, knowledge base, counsel assist function, simple contracts, pre-defined practice apps, real-time dashboards are a few of many more key elements. 

Silos and manual steps are eliminated in favour of streamlined processes and a new user experience for business users and their counterparts in Legal and Compliance. 

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our multi-disciplinary team takes a comprehensive approach ranging from identifying risks to risk assessment frameworks,  controls and events.

ServiceNow®’s Governance, Risk & Compliance solution supports continuous monitoring to identify high-impact risks and, ultimately, results in better risk-based decisions.

Core areas covered include e.g.:

  • Risk 
  • Policy and Compliance 
  • Operational Risk 
  • Business Continuity 
  • Operational Resilience 
  • Regulatory Change 

PrivacyHub by Wrangu®

We leverage the PrivacyHub by Wrangu® to ensure your compliance with the privacy regulations relevant to your business.

The PrivacyHub is built on and certified by ServiceNow®. It includes support, i.e., content packs, for the UK and EU GDPRs, North American regulations in California and Canada, and several others such as the LPPD in Turkey and LGPD in Brazil.

The PrivacyHub seemlessly integrates with ServiceNow®’s Governance, Risk & Compliance suite.

smartvokat is a registered reseller and implementation partner for Europe.

App Engine Studio

Should your team require a completely new application for a very specific and tailored process, such as Fair Market Value assessments in the pharma industry, App Engine Studio from ServiceNow® offers a single low-code studio for collaboration and inline dashboard editing.

Templates, a visual workflow editor and configurable workspaces expedite your project and result in highly user experience driven outcomes.

Replace manual processes of yesterday with a high-velocity experience

As other departments, such as IT, Human Resources and Finance, are also powering their work on the NOW platform. Legal, Compliance and Risk can easily collaborate with those teams on matter with inter-departmental scope.



User-driven communication and transparency


Priorisation and routing of tasks and matters


Self-service offerings for quicker turnaround


Real-time analytics and tailored dashboards


Process governance and better risk decisions

Use Cases

Demanding processes and ServiceNow® were made for each other

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts will help you unlock the full potential of the NOW platform for your legal & compliance work. We have successfully implemented a wide range of processes, ranging from general legal requests to custom, industry-specific flows – and the possibilities with ServiceNow® are endless.