“Legal Intake” or “Legal Front Door” – words which may prompt nightmares for many in- house counsel. Will present personal face-to- face, phone or email interactions be replaced by anonymous, semi-, or fully automated portal inquiries and a ticket system? How will business colleagues respond if they are asked to communicate in a rigorously structured way, potentially via a portal?

The article by our team member Ignaz Fuesgen, published in The Legal Business World, May 2023, explores the “Legal Front Door” (or “Legal Intake”), a key element of contemporary Legal Business Partnering which in its entirety should “make it easy [author: for the business user] to collaborate wherever and whenever the need occurs”. 

The article can be downloaded here: 20230224_LBW_May_2023_Fuesgen_article_extract.

The full edition is available here: https://lbw2023us3.legalbusinesslibrary.com/

Cover of Legal Business World
Legal Business World May 2023