Legal Design, explained

You have seen the concept “legal design” many times but are not quite sure what it means? This short article is here to outline what this hyped discipline is all about. What is legal design? To put it in a nutshell, legal design is the application of human design thinking principles to the legal industry. […]

The art (or craft) of effective Legal Business Partnering

If one reviews corporate organigrams of medium and large companies, the label “business partner” will inevitably pop up sooner or later. Each division, department or function has an “IT Business Partner”, “HR Business Partner” and a “Finance Business Partner” … but have you ever read about a “Legal Business Partner”? Becoming a strategic business partner […]

Everything is a Process — Legal Work Too

Digitalisation means digitalisation of processes. Legal digitalisation initiatives are valuable means to adopt process thinking bringing more clarity in terms of your workload and daily routines.