smartvokat Workflows for first Monitoring Body in Germany


TIGGES DCO GmbH, an advisory company of the TIGGES Group, has established the first monitoring body accredited under GDPR in Germany for the association “Die Wirtschaftsauskunfteien e.V.” on 14 September 2022. In addition to its monitoring activities, TIGGES DCO acts as a complaints office for complaints from affected citizens regarding the requirements set out in the rules of conduct.

To record and process these complaints, TIGGES DCO relies on smartvokat Workflows, a platform for flexible legal case management and processing (“matter management”) as well as document management.   

Julien Weiler, Managing Director of smartvokat GmbH, explains: “As a young company, we are very pleased about the trust placed in us for supporting TIGGES DCO in this lighthouse project with our smartvokat Workflows platform and our implementation expertise.

Yvonne Quad, Managing Director of TIGGES DCO GmbH, adds: “smartvokat convinced us as a team with its experience, flexibility and focus on user experience. Especially in the case of complaint management, it is important to make the submission as simple and intuitive as possible for the complainant, i.e. to create a high level of acceptance as a contact point for complaints through user-friendliness.. The “user experience” from the point of view of the TIGGES DCO case handlers was also very important to us.”

TIGGES DCO uses the following function bundles of smartvokat Workflows in particular for recording and processing complaints:

  • Intake of complaints through a web portal;
  • Complaint management, including deadlines, correspondence, etc.; and
  • Task management and tracking.

Background to the Monitoring Body
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) enables professional and interest groups, associations, etc. to adopt rules of conduct (also called “Code of Conduct” (CoC)) – this is still a not yet widely used instrument of self-regulation. Rules of conduct are primarily intended to facilitate the handling of individual data processing areas. The associations/institutions have the option to monitor themselves or to hand over this monitoring activity to an external company. 

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