Wrangu und smartvokat vereinbaren eine strategische Partnerschaft im Bereich Datenschutzlösungen

Wrangu smartvokat Partnership

Wrangu, ein führender Anbieter von Software für das Datenschutzmanagement, und smartvokat, ein unabhängiges Beratungs- und Produktunternehmen, das sich auf Rechts-, Datenschutz- und Compliance-Prozesse spezialisiert hat, sind eine strategische Partnerschaft eingegangen, um Firmenkunden End-to-End-Lösungen für den Datenschutz anzubieten.

The PrivacyHub – comprehensive, ServiceNow-certified privacy platform

The partnership enables smartvokat to resell and implement Wrangu’s flagship product, PrivacyHub, a comprehensive platform that helps organizations manage their privacy programs and comply with various regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and more. PrivacyHub automates privacy tasks like data mapping, data subject requests, consent management, risk assessment and reporting, saving time and resources for privacy teams. PrivacyHub is built on and certified by ServiceNow® and available through ServiceNow®’s App Store. It offers seamless integration with ServiceNow® ‘s Integrated Risk Management solution.

smartvokat will leverage its expertise in data protection processes and best practices to provide consulting and implementation services to PrivacyHub customers, helping them design and execute their privacy strategies and optimize their use of the platform.

“We are excited to partner with smartvokat, a company that shares our passion for delivering world-class compliance solutions on ServiceNow®. Together, we can offer our clients a comprehensive and holistic approach to their legal and compliance transformation journey,” said Victor Lemmens, CEO of Wrangu.

“Wrangu is a perfect partner for us, as they have a proven track record with PrivacyHub, delivering a high-quality data privacy solution on ServiceNow®. By combining our strengths and capabilities, we can create even more value for our clients and help them achieve their legal and compliance goals,” said Ignaz Fuesgen, Co-Managing Director of smartvokat.

About Wrangu (www.wrangu.com)

Wrangu is a leading provider of data protection, security, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, designed to help businesses improve their security posture, reduce risk, and comply with regulations. The first ServiceNow© partner to specialise in integrated risk, security and privacy solutions.

Wrangu is an Elite ServiceNow partner and offers a variety of solutions that are designed to work with the ServiceNow platform. Privacy Hub s a platform that helps organisations manage their compliance.with legislation and regulations around personal privacy. The platform provides a comprehensive set of features that help organizations control their privacy risks, develop remediation plans, and track their progress towards compliance.

About smartvokat (www.smartvokat.com)

smartvokat is an independent advisory and product company assisting in-house legal, risk and compliance departments on their digital transformation journey.  The company uncompromisingly leverages opportunities emerging from digital transformation for the benefit of a meaningful, human-need centred service delivery experience related to Legal, Compliance, Data Privacy and Risk.  

The team comprises legal professionals, process and technology experts who comprehensively and inter-disciplinarily advise corporate departments, and Alternative Legal Service Providers.

Its end-to-end offering includes the portfolio and process consulting services as well as implementation services for ServiceNow© and its own product “smartvokat Workflows” (for small and medium enterprises).

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